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2014 Goals

Everyone likes to make resolutions on December 31st and start them first thing January 1st; however, most end up losing focus come mid-January. I like to take my time and think about what it is I have up my sleeve for the coming year.

2013 was a HUGE year in terms of major life events. We moved and had a baby, within two weeks of each other – meaning, we moved with a two-week old … on Halloween. Enough said. 🙂

My goal for 2014 is to simply settle in. I want our family to settle together in our new home and just enjoy each season as it comes. In addition to settling in, it is Wesley’s year of firsts, and this excites me greatly. We will have first words, first steps, and crawling. Adventures in baby food making will be a blast, and of course, his first birthday. We have Easter, spring, summer, the beach … oh, the potential. I love the first year. 🙂

With the above in mind, I also set some smaller goals and tasks for 2014. There are so many things we want to complete with the house. We need to paint the dining room, and clean the garage. I want to get rid of A LOT of stuff. 2014 is a year of purging stuff we no longer use. The attic needs reorganization (much stuff was put up there during the move) and we are going to have a few yard sales this summer.

I also have educational goals in mind, but really, I just want Jack to have a year of freedom to explore. He is starting to grasp reading and we have plans to work on encouraging that path. I would like to find a table top easel for the classroom and work on art projects. He loves to create, whether he is drawing, or building. We are going to run with that creative streak.

So, the above are our main goals and areas we would like to focus on. Below is our list. 🙂

2014 Goals


  • Settle in.
  • Hike more.
  • Beach more.
  • Garden together
  • A summer family photo session with Jessica Boyd


  • Sell, donate, or re-purpose unused items, clothing, toys, books, furniture, and household items no longer in use.
  • Organize three or four solid yard sales for the spring.
  • Plant vegetable garden and flower gardens.
  • Put up window boxes.
  • Paint outside of house.
  • Fully clean and organize garage.
  • Fully clean and organize the attic.
  • Set up bird feeders and houses.
  • Paint dining room.
  • Paint hallway.
  • Frame and hang photography in the hallway.

I am sure there are more house related things … 🙂


  • Form co-op for SECT.
  • Work on meet-ups.
  • Jack – library classes, DPNC classes, a summer camp.


  • Work to pay off medical bills.
  • Work on building emergency fund.
  • Save enough money to renew our Mystic Aquarium membership, probably in early summer.


  • Work heavily on my blog.
  • Do more yoga.
  • Read more.

Stayed tuned for many blog posts about the above goals. Do you have any goals for 2014? What direction do you want to take this year?

Happy 2014,

The Joyful Homemaker