Getting Ready For Baby & Move


With only 43 days to go until due date, it is time to get serious with the baby preparations. Since we are experiencing some minor complications and Jack was two weeks early, I am preparing myself for an earlier arrival with Baby Morgan (just in case)!

At this point I am on modified bed rest, meaning no resting in bed but taking it very easy for the next two weeks. No lifting anything. No extensive stair work. No prenatal yoga. No laundry baskets up and down the stairs. This makes it more difficult to get everything done along with packing for our move of an unknown date and regular house tasks; however, I am making some progress.


Install car seat bases into the car and truck.

Pack hospital bag. This includes coconut water and some of these amazing things from Genevieve at Mama Natural –

Put together Jack’s Big Brother Surprise Bag.

Pre-register at the hospital.

Pick out baby announcement design.

Take Jack to have his 3-year photos done at JC Penny

Maternity photo shoot.

Babies R Us to buy an Ergo carrier, breastfeeding supplies, pack and play sheets, bassinet sheets, and stock up on infant diapers and wipes for the first month before we begin cloth diapering.

Pickup laundry detergent and dryer sheets. With Jack we used BabyGanics. We have used many of their products. All are excellent. For laundry (not diapers – we use Charlie’s Soap for washing diapers) I love:

Pick up a few more cloth diapers for our stash.

Pick out a baby memory book and a foot print / hand print keepsake.

Put together a few freezer meals.

Hose down, dry, and pack away all outdoor toys and beach toys.

Clean out front hall.

Go through Jack’s Fall/Winter 4T clothing bin and label, “Jack’s room.”

Drop off a truck load of stuff to Salvation Army.

Put together a “home bag(s)” for the move. Bag(s) will contain paper goods, dish soap, hand soap, shower curtain liner and curtain, toothbrushes and other needed products, all-purpose cleaner, garbage bags, camera, vitamins, and batteries. It is good to have a few supplies on hand when needed so we don’t have to dig through boxes to find what we need.

Purchase some more Ziploc Cube Bags.

Have list for move supplies ready – we will need drinks and food for those helping.


Potty training Jack.

Christmas shopping for Jack.

Packing the attic.


All infant clothes washed, dried, and placed in tote.

All cloth diapers washed, dried, and placed in tote.

Daytime arrangements made for Jack while John and I are at the hospital.

Yearly organization folder system put together.

All books and homeschool materials packed in totes.

All puzzles and games packed in totes.

Freezer cleaned and organized for the move and to make room for pre-cooked meals.

Nursing “wardrobe” purchased.

Franklin has a new tank – this was not on the original list; however, unforeseen events while on vacation caused us to have to replace it.

That about sums it up! We have a lot to do before due date. Let’s hope Baby Morgan ends up being an October baby as scheduled.


Happy Homemaking,

The Joyful Homemaker

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  1. Preparing for the big day is really tasking but exciting. I remember myself packing and repacking my hospital bag just to make sure that I have everything that I’ll need at the hospital.

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