May Organizational Roundup: Spring Cleaning!



It’s spring cleaning time here at the Morgan Homestead. I am generally a very organized person; however, due to our move in October, and life with a three-year old and a baby, some areas of our home need a bit of attention.

I spent some time this past weekend cleaning out the attic (allergic haze and all) and I got a ton of stuff out of our house! Most went to Goodwill, some went into the yard sale section of our garage, some kids items went into a box for the consignment shop, and a few items I posted on a Facebook resale page. I still have a few hours worth of work up there, but I am happy with the progress I have made thus far.

Last week I completed the following organizational tasks:

  1. Cleaned out the desk. I shredded what was no longer needed, and recycled the rest. (I found $17.00)!!
  2. Rearranged the laundry room. I re-organized our current homeschool and craft materials and put all unwanted materials into the yard sale. (I found a $35 gift card)!!
  3. Cleaned out and re-organized the linen closet. I put all of our unwanted sheets, and towels into donation bags.

Below are some images of our efforts while in progress.







This week I have the following items on my list:

  1. Pull out winter / early spring clothes from Jack’s dresser and closet. Place in designated storage tote in attic, and bring out the remaining summer items.
  2. Clean out and either use up, or toss, food items in kitchen cupboards (stay tuned for my meal planning blog this week – it is all about using what’s inside your cupboards).



What areas of your home could use some attention? Do you have a specific spring cleaning routine?

Happy Spring Cleaning,

The Joyful Homemaker

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