Our Connecticut Lapbook Project


Today was a productive and fun day at Morgan Academy. Izzy and Jack received a history lesson, geography lesson, writing practice, and crafting all in one. They got a boat load of information and had fun working on their Connecticut Lapbooking project. Jack’s favorite thing about CT are the singing robins and Izzy loves pink sunset clouds. 🙂

They learned all about:

  • Where we are in Connecticut
  • Where Connecticut is
  • The capital of Connecticut
  • State facts about Connecticut
  • When Connecticut was founded
  • The thirteen colonies
  • The thirteen colonies flag and today’s flag







Lapbooking is my favorite method of instruction. It entails a bit of extra planning and supplies but overall, it’s so much fun. Also, I didn’t realize Nathan Hale was the official hero of CT. I learn something new everyday here at Morgan Academy.

Many Blessings and Happy Homeschooling,

The Joyful Homemaker

vic kids

(art: Kate Greenaway was a Victorian illustrator and poet who found inspiration in the Regency period.)

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