Wrapping Up The Week

Today was eventful on the home front. I can cross two more items off my weekly task list. We washed, dried, and packed the summer and outdoor toys. We put away the pool and got rid of old beach chairs and a turtle sandbox from the garage. We cleaned up the front porch and prepped it for autumn.

before porch

after porch

Jack made a background for his new fish tank. He decided on blue circles and white paper; “Only blue,” he said. We fully intended on purchasing a fish tank as Jack’s Christmas gift; however, my mom and sister-in-law won a bunch of goldfish at the Woodstock Fair this past weekend, so we are proud owners of Thomas and Percy, two very happy goldfish. One of Jack’s daily tasks is to feed his fish.


Today we also cleaned the attic a bit and put a bunch of junk boxes and junk items on the curb. We are slowly getting there. It is difficult but we work together and I rest in between tasks.


I hope everyone had a productive week. Did you cross items off your weekly list?

Happy Homemaking,

The Joyful Homemaker

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