Pumpkin Play & Fall Scented Crayons

plain-pumpkin plain-pumpkin plain-pumpkin

The fall-like weather here in the Northeast is making me autumn crazy! This morning I couldn’t resist lighting two new, fall scented Yankee candles and working on some fall decorating.

Jack played for a bit and then I decided we should try melting some fall colored crayons to make our own fall scented, star-shaped crayons. My inspiration came from, Blog Me Mom’s, Fall Scented Crayon Candles http://www.blogmemom.com/fall-activities-homemade-scented-candles

While we don’t need candles, I thought making fall scented crayons would be fun. Jack enjoyed helping and using the crayons, though they are not very scented. They do have a light scent but I smell the crayon wax most of all.


We decided to use a star-shaped, ice-cube tray from our craft supplies. We grabbed an old can from the recycle bin to use as our melting container, and grabbed some pumpkin pie spice. We later added cinnamon and all-spice to our crayon line up.


We peeled the paper from the crayons and broke the crayons into pieces.

jack crayons

Jack enjoyed playing with the crayons most of all.

melting crayons

We set up the double boiler system using the can and started with the orange crayons. We made the orange crayons pumpkin spice scented. We poured the melted crayon, poured into the tray, and went on to melt the red and browns. The reds we scented with cinnamon and the browns with the all-spice.

star crayons

Jack enjoyed using these crayons. I wish they had more scent and I might have ruined my eco-friendly, non-stick pan. Would I make these again? Possibly. It was a neat project. 🙂

jack coloring

jack coloring 2

plain-pumpkin plain-pumpkin plain-pumpkin

This morning I decided to put up a few autumn decorations around the house and remembered I picked up a bag of small, plastic pumpkins at Goodwill for $1.00.

Jack enjoyed putting pom-poms in each pumpkin using kid tweezers. Glad I picked these up. Who can resist a cute bag of (cheap) pumpkins?

pumpkin play

small pumpkins

Has your family done any fun, fall activities yet? If so, what have you done? I would love to hear how your family is getting into the autumn spirit.

Happy Homemaking,

The Joyful Homemaker

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