Weekly Tasks 9/9 – 9/15

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Completed Tasks From Last Week

Cleaned up the front porch and packed away all summer toys

Cleaned up the attic and put a bunch of stuff by the curb

Took Jack for a haircut

Played a lot outside

Had two freezer meal sessions

Jack made a background for his fish tank

Purchased more totes for organizing

Put out some Autumn decorations

Read books with Jack each day and evening

Did some crafts with Jack

I did some Christmas shopping


Below are my tasks for this week:


Play date with Katie and Cole

Gram’s 93rd birthday party

Kid’s craft afternoon at Jess’s

Finish Gram’s birthday present and card

Schedule Jack 3-year photos at JCPenny


Put some fresh flowers in the kitchen

Organize refrigerator 

Meal planning  / shopping list

Finish cleaning front hall


Meeting with mortgage broker

Two more freezer cooking sessions


Start organizing Jack’s gifts

Start wrapping Jack’s gifts

Brainstorm ideas for “drawing names party” for kiddos


Weekly OB appointment

Pack baby bag

Make Jack’s big brother surprise bag

Purchase a new Boppy, breastfeeding supplies, diapers


Read books

Play outside

Trip to Denison Nature Center (Jack and Daddy time)


Read from Bible

Read something for fun


What’s on your task or goal list for this week?

Happy Homemaking,

The Joyful Homemaker

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