January Homeschool Roundup


January is coming to an end and we have spent the month mostly stuck inside. We have accomplished quite a few homeschool activities. Jack is into building with blocks, Magforms, art, and playing. He enjoys Legos and inventing tools and vehicles.



January Homeschool Roundup!

January was certainly buggy! Jack is interested in all things insect. Since the ground is covered in snow we have used plastic bugs to explore various types of insects and arachnids. This spring we will head outside and see what we can find.


Jack has worked with matching, tracing letters, drawing lines, circling objects, and counting in his workbooks. Jack enjoys using his “first pencils,” and using workbooks. I let him decide when to use workbooks. We don’t use them everyday. He also enjoys peeling stickers and placing them on paper.



Play dough was big this month. Jack goes through waves with play dough. We often make our own at home; however, we did get some for Christmas, so we have dug into new containers. 🙂



Imaginative play is an everyday thing in our home. There is never a shortage of imagination and play!



Reading happens daily. Jack reads to Wesley almost everyday.




Jack enjoyed art this month. He’s become quite the painter and loves to draw with fine tip markers. He enjoys creating maps and buildings.



Last week we decided to see if we could grow new food from food scraps, and so far, it works! Our lettuce took off immediately and the celery is starting to grow. Each morning we make basic observations on growth. Jack loves checking on his plants each morning. Today the onions are really reaching for the sunlight and the lettuce is very green! Our little scrap plants are a nice touch of green growth in a snowy world. Jack wants to see how “huge” the lettuce can get!



Jack is learning the basics of cooking. He enjoys mixing, using measuring utensils, chopping, and adding ingredients. I try to cook a few times a week with Jack. Pancakes are his favorite meal to make.



Jack and John try to play a game every day. Jack especially loves The Angry Birds game he got for Christmas. He also loves puzzles and matching games. Anything with his daddy is his favorite.


Well, that about wraps up January. We have accomplished a lot of great things this month. Next month I have a few goals in mind. Jack starts his weekly reading hour at the library and Wesley starts Kindermusik.  I want to do a few Valentine’s activities. I plan on making Valentine’s play dough and some decorations (we did this one last year).



<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

We will have to wait and see where the month of February takes us. Do you have any educational goals for February? Do you have a unit or curriculum you plan on using or do you unschool?

I can’t wait to share our accomplishments with you next month. February is a fun month. <3

Happy Homeschooling,

The Joyful Homemaker

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