Real Housewives

The Housewife. It’s perhaps one of the most stereotyped and misunderstood profession / person in the world. Modern times tell us the housewife should look like this …


When in reality, she looks like this …

real black and white

Yup, that’s me; The Joyful Homemaker. While I find homemaking, mothering, and home education very rewarding, and I would classify it as my calling in life, it isn’t always pretty (those are green sweat pants – NOT pretty 🙂 ).

I don’t have a whole ton of wisdom on the subject of homemaking. Many other homemaking bloggers have written eloquent, witty, and downright hilarious blogs posts on the subject. I simply want to share with my readers that while I am a joyful homemaker, sometimes things looks like this. If your’s does too, just know, you’re not alone. Enjoy! <3

jack's room


dining room


window clings

Happy Monday Homemakers,

The Joyful Homemaker


**1950’s house wife image – courtesy of


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