Postponement of 365 Real Foods Series :(


It has come to the point where I have decided to postpone my 365 Real Foods Series until my children and I are healthy. My 4 month old and I are on day six of a bad cold and it is difficult enough to do normal day-to-day functions, let alone blog. I feel as if it will take another week or so until we are back up and running normally, possibly even two.


I have some great things to share once I am able to get back into the groove of blogging. My friend Courtney provided me with some great recipes and I can’t wait to share them! I also have some stashed away as well as a bunch of things I would like to try.

Thank you to those who continue to read and enjoy The Joyful Homemaker. I love everything mothering, homemaking, and homeschooling, and it means a lot that I have supportive friends and loyal blog readers. <3

Be blessed (and stay healthy),

The Joyful Homemaker



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